• Spicy eggplant hummus on crackers (Vegan)

    One day I bought hummus and this hummus was a bit watery. I decided to do something with it. Kale chips help absorbing liquid and making it more creamy. Even kale chips enhance the taste better! By the way, this recipe makes great appetizers!

    - 1 pack (8oz) hummus (I used roasted eggplant) (your choice of dip)
    - 1 pack (3oz) Spicy Miso
    - 1 scallion, thin sliced
    - crackers or flatbread (your choice)

    1. Mix hummus, kale chips, and ¾ of scallion into improvised hummus.
    2. Place 1 tablespoon of improvised hummus on every cracker.
    3. Garnish each slice of scallion on the top of improvised hummus. Serve. Yum-yum!

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