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Char Siu (pink BBQ pork) (vegan)

raw kale powder

It was my first time to make my homemade seitan. Seitan is a vegan meat. It is made with wheat gluten. I decided to go with Char Siu because pink seitan would look so pretty. Beet makes a great substitute for red color food dye. I wanted to add something nutritious, so I incorporated kale powder into my homemade seitan. I have to warn you-- if you plan to make seitan, I would recommend getting a huge pot or three regular pots. Same for baking pans. I never knew that homemade seitan could make worth two months protein supply. After making my first homemade seitan, I was (am still) amazed at how it turned out.

Ingredients for homemade vegan broth:
- fresh onion, diced
- fresh garlic, diced
- fresh ginger, diced
- fresh carrots, diced
- fresh celery, diced
- your choice of oil
- ground black pepper
- fresh beet, diced (you could omit if you don't want pinkness on your seitan)
- coconut amino
- filtered water

Directions for homemade vegan broth:
1. Sauteed fresh veggies with oil in a hot cooking pot except beet until they sweat.
2. Season the veggies with pepper and then add beet to the pan.
3. Once beet bleeds, add coconut amino and filtered water to the pot.
4. Until the broth boils, lower the heat to simmer for an hour. Season at your leisure.
5. Cool down. Set aside.

Ingredients for homemade seitan:
- wheat gluten
- potato starch
- brown rice flour
- chickpea flour
- kale powder
- garlic powder
- onion powder
- homemade vegan broth
- fresh onion, cut quarters
- fresh garlic
- fresh carrots, cut 2 inches
- fresh celery, cut 2 inches- fresh beet, cut quarters
- coconut amino

Directions for homemade seitan:
1. Mix dry ingredients in a mixing bowl well.
2. Add cooled broth to the bowl. Mix well.
3. Knead until seitan is formed.
4. Divide seitan into # of pieces and then place seitan pieces into the boiling broth.
5. Once the broth is boiled with seitan inside, lower the heat to simmer for an hour or so.
6. Transfer seitan into a baking pan(s) with broth unless your pot is suited for oven. Throw fresh veggies and coconut amino in. Bake at 350 degrees for an hour or so.
7. Cool seitan. Cut seitan whatever you like. Seitan is ready for cooking! You can have some of them in a freezer. You can use some of them for your today meal. You can grill seitan in BBQ sauce or whatever you like.  

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