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Raw noodles with raw “meat” sauce (vegan)

sea salt & vinegar kale chips Vegan Cheese kale chips

This recipe will turn salad haters into salad lovers. Trust us.

- 1 (small size) fresh zucchini (½ puree, ½ spiralized)
- 1 (small size) fresh beet (peeled), spiralized
- 1 fresh red bell pepper (½ diced, ½ puree)
- ¼ cup filtered water
- 2 tablespoons tamari (can be substituted for soy sauce if you like)
- 3 tablespoons umami vinegar (your choice of vinegar)
- 8oz mixed kale chips (Vegan Cheese and Sea Salt & Vinegar)
- 1 fresh scallion, thinly sliced

1. Prepping raw nut meat sauce, let's mix pureed zucchini, puree red bell pepper, tamari, umami vinegar, and kale chips
2. Chill the raw nut meat sauce overnight. Allow the kale chips absorb all the liquid inside the raw nut meat sauce. It will be a thick sauce.
3. Build raw noodles with spiralized zucchini and spiralized beet. Garnish diced red bell pepper and sliced scallions. Scoop some of the raw nut meat sauce onto the top of the noodles. Serve with a plenty of lettuce. You can roll the noodles and the raw meat sauce with the lettuce, a spring roll sheet, tortilla, or your choice of wrapper. Yum.

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